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Here's a top 10 of world news items, in English. We're aiming at providing an unbiased view on global news, mixing together news sources from the Americas, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.


Sesame Workshop says Bert and Ernie are 'best friends' and not gay

A writer says he sees the puppet pair as a gay couple, but Sesame Workshop calls them "best friends". (BBC News 18/09 23:17)

» Sesame Workshop says Bert and Ernie are 'best friends' and not gay (BBC News 18/09 23:17)
» 'Sesame Street' denies writer's claim that Bert and Ernie are gay: They are 'best friends' - USA TODAY (Google News 18/09 21:08)
» Sesame Street Says Bert And Ernie ‘Don’t Have a Sexual Orientation’ After Longtime Writer Claims They’re Gay (Time Magazine 18/09 22:20)

» BBC News  Google News  Time Magazine  


Russia Blames Israel For Plane Shot Down By Syria

Russia blamed Israel after Syria downed a Russian reconnaissance plane, killing 15 people. Israel expressed condolences for those killed but in turn blamed Iran and Hezbollah guerrillas. (NPR 18/09 22:56)



Maduro slammed for dining on pricey 'Salt Bae' steaks as Venezuelans starve

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro feasted on pricey steaks and smoked cigars at a "Salt Bae" restaurant in Istanbul on Monday, drawing ire and condemnation back home, where an economy spiraling toward collapse has triggered a food crisis. (CNN 18/09 23:25)

» CNN  


Golf champion murdered on US course

Iowa State University has paid tribute to student and European champion golfer Celia Barquín Arozamena, who was found dead on a golf course Monday. (CNN 18/09 23:06)

» BBC News  CNN  


China strikes back at US with tariffs on $60 billion of goods

China has fired back at the United States after President Donald Trump ramped up the trade war with his biggest wave of tariffs yet. (CNN 18/09 19:21)

» BBC News  CNN  NPR  NPR  UPI  France 24  


Pussy Riot's Pyotr Verzilov 'likely poisoned', doctors say

German doctors say the activist is out of danger but that it is "highly plausible" he was poisoned. (BBC News 18/09 21:40)

» BBC News  NPR  


Russian aircrew deaths: Putin and Netanyahu defuse tension

Fifteen personnel died when an aircraft was downed by Syrian fire after Israel launched an air raid. (BBC News 18/09 18:55)

» BBC News  


McDonald's workers nationwide strike to protest sexual harassment

In an unprecedented move, fast food workers in a number of cities across the United States went on strike Tuesday to protest sexual harassment. (UPI 18/09 18:31)

» UPI  


Kim Hosts South Korea's Moon For Summit Talks In Pyongyang

It's the third meeting between South Korean President Moon Jae-in and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un — and the first to take place outside of the "truce village" of Panmunjom, on the border. (NPR 18/09 15:21)

» BBC News  NPR  France 24  


White House To Cap The Number Of Refugees Allowed Into The U.S.

The Trump administration slashed the number of refugees it will permit into the United States next year by 30 percent. The new ceiling is 30,000 — that's 15,000 fewer than this year. (NPR 18/09 11:03)

» NPR  

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