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Here's a top 10 of world news items, in English. We're aiming at providing an unbiased view on global news, mixing together news sources from the Americas, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.


Military strike against Iran would result in 'all-out war': Zarif

Any U.S. or Saudi military strike against Iran would bring "all-out war", Tehran said on Thursday, keeping up a drumbeat of warnings to its adversaries after they accused the Islamic Republic of a strike on Saudi oil facilities. (Reuters 19/09 18:35)

» Military strike against Iran would result in 'all-out war': Zarif (Reuters 19/09 18:35)
» Tehran will commit to ‘all-out war’ if Iran is targeted by military strike, FM Zarif warns (RT 19/09 13:29)
» Iran's foreign minister warns a military strike would result in 'all-out war' (France 24 19/09 16:21)
» Iran's foreign minister threatens 'all-out war' in response to potential military strike - POLITICO (Google News 19/09 14:17)

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Blacklisted Huawei reveals 1st 5G phone without Google apps

Chinese smartphone maker Huawei on Thursday released its first 5G device -- the Mate 30 -- without Google-licensed apps, due to a U.S. blacklist. (UPI 19/09 18:14)

» BBC News  CNN  UPI  


Cameron and the Queen: Palace 'displeasure' over comments

The ex-PM says he asked the Queen to "raise an eyebrow" over the Scottish independence vote in 2014. (BBC News 19/09 20:18)

» BBC News  CNN  


Ben Ali: Tunisia's ousted ex-president dies in exile aged 83

Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali, who led the country for 23 years before he was ousted in 2011, was 83. (BBC News 19/09 19:04)

» BBC News  RT  


Labs confirm 1st new case of polio in Philippines in 26 years

Nearly two decades after the World Health Organization declared polio eradicated in the Philippines, the malady has returned in a new outbreak, officials said Thursday. (UPI 19/09 18:00)

» CNN  UPI  


Weakened Netanyahu's offer for unity government rebuffed by rival Gantz

Israel's weakened Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu saw his offer on Thursday of a coalition with his strongest political rival swiftly rebuffed after failing to secure a governing majority in a tight election. (Reuters 19/09 19:41)

» Reuters  


U.S. building coalition after Saudi oil attack, Iran warns against war

The United States said on Thursday it was building a coalition to deter Iranian threats following a weekend attack on Saudi Arabian oil facilities. (Reuters 19/09 19:39)

» Reuters  


A numbing medicine turned a woman's blood blue

A 25-year-old woman walked into an emergency department in Providence, Rhode Island, complaining of generalized weakness, fatigue, shortness of breath... and an unusual symptom you don't see every day. (CNN 19/09 19:36)

» CNN  


French crews rescue Belgian pilot from electrical line after plane crashes

French emergency crews rescued a Belgian F-16 fighter pilot from an electrical line Thursday morning after he ejected from a plane that crashed in Brittany, France. (UPI 19/09 16:36)

» BBC News  UPI  CNN  


This is what mysterious ancient humans might have looked like

We know that mysterious ancient humans called Denisovans once lived alongside Neanderthals, thanks to a few bones and teeth recovered from a cave in Siberia. Now, for the first time, researchers have shared what they might have looked like. (CNN 19/09 17:01)

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