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Here's a top 10 of world news items, in English. We're aiming at providing an unbiased view on global news, mixing together news sources from the Americas, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.


US House condemns Trump over 'racist comments' tweeted at congresswomen

The US House of Representatives voted on Tuesday to condemn President Donald Trump for "racist comments" against four minority Democratic congresswomen, a symbolic vote aimed at shaming Trump and his fellow Republicans who stood by him. (France 24 17/07 01:41)

» US House votes to condemn racist Trump comments, including four Republicans (CNN 01/01 01:00)
» House condemns Trump over 'racist comments' tweeted at congresswomen (Reuters 17/07 01:15)
» US House condemns Trump over 'racist comments' tweeted at congresswomen (France 24 17/07 01:41)

» CNN  Reuters  France 24  


Kellyanne Conway Asks Reporter, ‘What’s Your Ethnicity?’

Her question came in light of Trump's recent tweets about four Congresswomen (Time Magazine 16/07 22:56)

» CNN  CNN  Time Magazine  Google News  


Von der Leyen elected EU Commission head after MEPs vote

German Ursula von der Leyen will replace Jean-Claude Juncker on 1 November after a close vote. (BBC News 16/07 23:58)

» BBC News  


First female European Commission President elected

Germany's Ursula von der Leyen has been elected as the European Commission's first female president. (CNN 16/07 23:09)

» CNN  UPI  


Johnny Clegg, South African musician and activist, dies aged 66

One of South Africa's best-known musicians and anti-apartheid activist dies at the age of 66. (BBC News 16/07 22:30)

» BBC News  France 24  


North Korea says nuclear talks at risk if U.S.-South Korea exercises go ahead

The United States looks set to break a promise not to hold military exercises with South Korea, putting talks aimed at getting North Korea to abandon its nuclear weapons at risk, the North Korean Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday. (Reuters 16/07 23:20)

» CNN  Reuters  NPR  


No federal charges for New York policeman in 2014 'I can't breathe' death

The New York police officer who put Eric Garner in a fatal chokehold during an attempted 2014 arrest, fueling the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement, will not face federal criminal charges, Brooklyn's top federal prosecutor said on Tuesday. (Reuters 16/07 23:04)

» BBC News  Reuters  


‘Not a racist bone in my body’: Trump rejects claims of bigotry over ‘go back’ tweet

Responding to allegations of racism after he suggested a group of Democratic lawmakers should go back to their “crime infested” home countries, US President Donald Trump said he hasn’t got a single bigoted bone in his body. Read Full Article at RT.com (RT 16/07 22:49)

» RT  


Christine Lagarde resigns from IMF to become president of European Central Bank

International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde submitted her resignation Tuesday to take on a new role as president of the European Central Bank. (UPI 16/07 22:52)

» BBC News  UPI  


Sailors kidnapped by pirates off Nigeria's coast

Ten Turkish sailors were abducted from their ship by armed men off the coast of Nigeria on Monday, the co-partner of the shipping company, Ahmet Paksoy, told CNN on Tuesday. (CNN 16/07 21:42)

» CNN  

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